WooStore is a fictional e-commerce site selling sustainable apparel and built using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin.

Tech Stack

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Web Designer & Developer

The focus for this site was function over design, so the design process and styling were minimal. I implemented a clean, subtle design with ample whitespace and a muted colour palette for a modern and inviting aesthetic.

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I incorporated various plugins such as WooCommerce Subscriptions to set up a Monthly Coffee Club product with an automatic recurring monthly payment plan and a variable subscription where customers can choose between two different coffee roasts.

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Another key plugin I implemented was WooCommerce Product Add-ons which I used to add a warranty to all products in the Bags category. It was featured as a dropdown menu with two options: a 5-year warranty for $10.00 or a 10-year warranty for $15.00.

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This was my first experience using the WooCommerce plugin with WordPress and I greatly enjoyed my introduction to building an e-commerce site. I found that researching and finding the right plugin for the task was more challenging than setting up the plugin, but through patience and diligent testing, I was able to implement suitable plugins for optimal functionality. Although the focus of this assignment was function and not design, I would like for the site to be more thoroughly styled.